About The Author

Anne Belle is the pen name of  a 30-something author living in East Texas with her dog, a chiweenie named Pippin. She writes suspense fiction and blogs about her life, work, experience in trying to get healthy, and whatever else crosses her mind.


Photography credit Christina Walton 2013

She is the author of one novel released in 2012. And has been busy penning the first books in her upcoming series Armageddon Rising. Book One : The Fallen is set to release by summer of 2014. She’s also served as a co-author on steampunk related projects and has plans to explore the genre again in short work to come online later in 2014.

Her life is full of creative things. Crafting, writing, journaling, and music are all things of some pursuit. She is a self-proclaimed caffeine-addict who enjoys time at coffee shops, sipping lattes and spontaneous creativity-inspiring company. She has a million guilty pleasures including chocolate, Coca Cola, Jimmy Buffett music, stationery, and Victorian fashion and customs. She is a collector of writing instruments and even spends time at an easel working in acrylics when she has time (which is rare since putting focus on the writing career).

She was born in Eastern Kentucky but moved to Texas in 2000. She’s lived in Florida, Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, and California. A plus size woman, she blogs about her goals in getting healthier and finding her own style.



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