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So, I started 2016 as one sick puppy. I think I even scared Pippin. He stayed right with me though, loving little thing that he is. He was my little heater, my cuddle buddy, and if I could have just kept him off of my stomach, I would have been perfectly happy with him. But he was worried and didn’t like me being in the bed all day and all the other stuff that went along with it. Now, he’s dozing behind my back in the chair as I type this.

Being sick wasn’t my first choice of ways to kick off the new year. I had big plans to work on a project I want to put out there early in the year. I was super motivated about it too. I think this could be a big year for me in terms of writing. But, alas, I was stuck in bed unable to even really sit up for more than a moment or two at a time. Focusing on a computer screen just wasn’t happening.  That being said, I’m pretty happy that I’m feeling better. Now I can get on with doing the work that matters instead of just what I have to do.

love-yourself-quoteI have all sorts of ideas for 2016. I’m trying to not make resolutions this year. I think that it is important to just focus on being the best I can be on any given day.

Yes, I need to lose weight, get more water, exercise, and do all of those normal things that people resolve to do. But, the reality is this; I need to do those things more than just this year. It has to be about lifestyle changes. Changes that I can sustain and still find a happy balance in the simple joys in life. That’s not something you can do on the first of January. You need to do them gradually so that they stick with you. It’s becoming more about changing how I look at my day and what I focus on. So, yep, I am taking a different approach this year and asking myself a question every day. Do you love yourself? Then I have to answer that with a very emphatic “YES!”

So, I’m putting more effort into writing and platform building this year than I have in 2015. Let’s face reality there was a lot of transition going on in 2015. I mean some big things happened. New jobs, social experiments (for me), and just trying to find my stride. I think that I have made progress at least in the area of stability. But, what self-respecting writer wants to spend six days a week indefinitely toiling away in the consumer finance world instead of their fiction and writing as a career? So, yes, there will be a new book this year. There are also a couple of other projects in the works that you’ll just have to wait for details on. My focus is back on writing for a change and that’s a good thing. I need that part of my life to be more substantial than it was in 2015. I think the lack of writing time was a big part of my discontent with the year in general. And who knows. A lot can really change in a year. Maybe, by some miracle of Divine intervention, I’ll finally see enough income from it to ramp up production and do that full time. ChangeYourLife

You know, I gave dating a chance last year and found it t be utterly disappointing really. So now that I have sated that curiosity I feel like I can get back to what I know I am good at and can do well. I’ll just keep being me and let the chips fall where they will.  I’ve determined that I am better off alone than dealing with the drama and inconsistency that comes with dating in the modern era. I’m just not cut out for it. I know that now. I could muse more on this later but suffice it to say that I think people today have a vastly different view of what a relationship is and means than I do. It is hard to say whether I’m old-fashioned or just too forward thinking for them. Monogamy is apparently looked upon with a certain amount of disgust these days. And Love? Well, I don’t think it means what people today think it means. So, I’m in a position to stop worrying about it and start really cultivating my life into something that I adore.  That’s a pretty liberating feeling. I don’t know why I didn’t see it that way before.

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful start to the New Year. I know mine has been busy but it seems that it will start to take on a little more normal pace tomorrow. So, I’m excited that routine can be established again and that I can be doing more of what I love. What are all of you doing in 2016 that you haven’t been able to before?