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The Christmas holiday is past. I managed some awesome gifts including a new wrap that I absolutely adore. It’s just perfect for the writer at her desk in the winter time. Not that our weather has been all that cold yet. This has been the craziest I’ve seen things here in Texas since I came here back in 2000. That being said, for now, I’m not ravaged by tornado damage or dealing with flooding at home. Getting to the day job may prove problematic in the morning but, I’m going to see how that goes. There are a ton of roads closed due to flooding right now. We’ll just have to see if I can make it to the office in the morning.

tumblr_inline_n4uz3g1W4q1qiagjgOnce the rush of Christmas is over there is my birthday. Yes, I turned 37 this year. Seems crazy to me that I am that old. Time flies by at a much faster pace than it did when I was a kid. I’d place bets on that. I worked on my birthday and almost ended up having to stay late. And when I got home, I was surprised when my Dad came home with two dozen beautiful roses, a card, and a little birthday cake and ice cream. Totally didn’t have to. We have a ton of left over cake from the Christmas party with the novelty cake we made. I appreciate the gesture though. So often the Christmas festivities are on my birthday and it just gets overlooked. December kids will relate to that. I know my sister-in-law does as well. Hers is on the 28th.

I am looking back at the past year this week. Trying to delve into what my new year’s resolutions should be and what I would like to accomplish in my 37th year. I’ve accepted that family life is pretty much out of the question for me. There won’t be kiddos for this author. Well, maybe another fur baby down the road. It’s just kids of the human variety don’t seem to be in God’s plan for me. Accepting that has really taken the pressure off of me to couple up with someone new. 36 was a year of realizations and acceptance for me. It really was a recurring theme throughout the year. Now the fun part of deciding what my life as a single and childless woman is going to be like begins.

Amazing-Change-quotes-photoI’ve talked about wanting  more elegant lifestyle here. I’ve talked about wanting to get healthier and find my happy spot in the world. And those things are at the forefront of my mind as I plunge into 37. There are a great many things that I can do to transform my life. I have a good job, supportive family, friends, and the desire to do something specific. 37 is going to be about bringing in that elegance, organizing, and writing more. Embracing the literary life is the key for me. Finding ways to be healthier, explore more opportunities, and be more content are paramount to the life that I want.

I realize that this is a rather lonely road that I am on. I’m sure that the loneliness will rear its head at some point. I may be tempted to dip my toes back into the dating pool. I hope that when that happens someone will remind me that it isn’t a good idea. I don’t attract the right sort of guys. Better yet, I hope that they start talking about a great movie or book they’ve read so that I can get excited about it too and be distracted from that feeling. It always seems to get me into trouble and cause me a ton of stress. I’d like to avoid that sort of stress this year. And frankly, I don’t think there is a man out there that can live up to my expectations of a relationship anyway.

So, I’ve made another trip around the sun. There are certainly many things to look forward to in this year. I get to take a real vacation this year for the first time in… I don’t know how long really. I have time off that I can take and I am considering a writer’s retreat as part of that. There is a new book to put out, other projects to work on, and sewing projects to finish. There are healthier days ahead with classier moments and memories to record. There are hopefully new people to meet, new journeys to take, and plenty of coffee and tea waiting for me to enjoy.

This may be my last post of the year. Somehow I think that I’ll be pretty busy with work this week and won’t get to post again until New Years. There are plenty of things to come in 2016 including a video series featuring me talking about various things. Book news, other exciting projects and even a giveaway or two are on the horizon. So stick with me.

I hope that you all have a great New Year’s Eve. Stay safe. Drink responsibly if you do. Stay optimistic and post your own goals for 2016. Then, drop a link in my comments section so that I can check them all out and leave a comment for you too. Community may be my catch word for the new year after all. 🙂

Cheers! To you, your health, your happiness, and to a very prosperous New Year.