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Did you miss me readers? I know I am long overdue a post of some substance. I’m also in need of some organization and a plan for what to present to all of you. I don’t know that there was ever a very solid idea behind the State of the Fluff other than to chronicle the life I live. Like everyone else in the world, life just gets the better of me sometimes. During those times, everything seems so mundane that I feel like I have nothing of substance to  share. I mean there is only so much you can find interesting about a day at the keyboard.

eyes-office-women-purple-iconA few awesome things have happened though. I was finally given my own store at the day job. So, I’m in a low-key store on my own working with little supervision so that means that I have lots of time to read, think, and jot notes etc. This is a good thing. I am really excited about that. It is a big stepping stone for me.

I was on my own for a few weeks. Taking care of things around the house and the pups. We’ve added a new member of the family. Leo is a big boy, even at four and a half months old. We jokingly say he is going to be a really good dog if he doesn’t kill us with love before he grows out of the puppy stage. He’s a good dog regardless. He’s just full of energy and has no concept of how big and strong he is.

After the family returned I took my mom to a pretty amazing theater experience. Just before they left, I found out that Les Miserables was going to be at a local theater. So, finding that they would be back close to the last show, I bought tickets for my mom and I. We went and I don’t think that we could have had a better experience. Front row at a very interactive show meant we were right in the middle of the battle scenes. I will do a major post about the experience later. Let me just say that if you have a chance to see anything at the Tyler Civic Theater I highly recommend it.

I enjoy the theater. In fact, seeing the show made me realize how much I do miss it. I’ve even considered going for an audition there. It is a community theater. But I think that would be stretching myself thin. One thing that I have learned in the last few weeks is that I need to really think about my priorities.

hard_workSince I took the current bill-paying job, my writing has been a bit more shelved. Of course, there had to be a trade off of some sort. Learning a new industry has taken time. There was a good deal of chaos with my boss leaving, promotions looming, and training someone else for the office I just left. But, my fiction has always been my passion. I spend my limited time off with my laptop tapping away on the latest work-in-progress. Some days I get in only a couple hundred words and then sometimes I get in a couple thousand. What I need to find is some consistency in that production schedule.

It isn’t that I don’t enjoy it.  In fact, writing never feels like work. I love the imagination and the escape that it provides. I like that I can get in my own little zone and the cares of the day just sort of melt away. I need to make writing time a priority every day. Just like I also need to make time to find some local friends and get a social life. That’s a topic for another time too though.

I suppose I’ve accomplished my goal for this post. This is where I’ve been and the majority of what has been going on. I suppose I’ll have to update on other things next post. I’ll also have to get back to being regular with the posts. Maybe that will help.