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I find myself excited about things lately. Yes, my life has gotten a little hectic with the book, the new day job, and the commute. It has been an adjustment that is still taking place. I have to say that I feel more settled now though. That fact alone is a good thing. Easing into this new single life has been an adventure. Now, I get to start really putting together what I want life to be living.

Shabby Chic houseI’ve been thinking a lot about redecorating my bedroom space. Being able to paint, change things around, and buy furniture is a big thing for me. Now, I’m having trouble deciding on a style to go with. I think I need to find a way to blend a classic Victorian feel with a modern touch. And I’m inspired by a lot of different rooms. Though I’m not so sure about going with so much white. I have become rather enamored with color lately.

victorian-bedroom-furniture-6I would like to buy myself a full size bed but, my space is currently limited so, I’m going to have to go with a twin. But, I have to treat this like a dorm room in a way. I am going to have to downsize my things, really organize my life better and fit an office space and bedroom into the space I have. That’s not an easy feat. I’d like to even work a little bit of a reading space and an art space in but, I don’t think that I have quite the square footage to work with for that much. So my art studio, for painting at least, will likely be outdoors. That’s okay though.

image_thumb24Organizing will be a priority over the next few weeks. I’m likely going to get rid of a number of things that are just taking up space. I have to make room for the bed and choose colors. Spring cleaning is going to take on a whole new meaning this year for me. Out with the old and in with the new.

What is really neat is that I get to have it all my way for a change. No longer is my style dictated by what someone else wanted. There isn’t anything to compromise about now. If I want neon green walls, I can have them. I don’t. That’s not the point though. The point is, whatever I decide, I can enjoy the fact that its my own space and my own design. And if I change my mind, I’m allowed to. And yes, that idea really excites me right now.

Creating a space to inspire me is going to be a challenge. I have plenty of inspiration though and I’m sure it will be awesome when I get done with it.