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keep-calm-and-love-snow-days-2We don’t often get snow days in this part of Texas. We only see a couple of days of freezing weather each day as a general rule. Inclement weather doesn’t apply on the super hot summer days, though it probably should. Now, I’m in a unique position. This time last year I was in Wisconsin where the snow drifts were over my head in places, the roads were covered in ice and snow, and I was working as a driver in all of that. The difference between here and there is really quite simple, Texas doesn’t see it often enough to warrant all the expense to keep equipment to clear roads, keep them salted and sanded, and make it safer. Most people here have a vague idea of what snow tires are but, since they don’t get used often, we don’t see the need for the expense.

We’ve known the ice was coming for a week (give or take). We prepared with provisions. Living in the country, we often lose power when these things happen. So we have plenty of food and a way to cook. We have a kerosene heater to keep warm and plenty of blankets. Just in case. My job had sent out a memo about leaving it to our discretion about it being safe or not for travel to work. My immediate boss and I were texting back and forth at 7:30 this morning. She knows that I have a 40 minute commute on a good morning when I can do 70mph most of the way. So, after some assessing the radar and seeing that where I work was already getting hit with the ice, I called in and said I didn’t think it was a good idea. I have nowhere to stay over there yet, should I have gotten stuck. 11002663_1034569709905080_3741620856849903795_nAnd since this is the view of my driveway right now, I think I made the right call. I stepped out to take my pup to do his business and nearly lost my footing on our porch. So I am happy that I am safe inside for the time being. We’ll reassess in the morning and see what’s happening.

frozenMeanwhile, I know that so many are still under a ton of snow. Where I am from originally, they’ve taken out a warrant for Elsa’s arrest. Yes, as a joke. But, my sister-in-law is posting about how Elsa needs to give it up because she’s tired of feeling like she is living in Arendell in the eternal winter. Having gone through some prolonged periods of snow up where, I understand how she feels. Still, I can’t keep from giggling. There are three little girls in her house who are, I have no doubt, driving her up the wall.

For me, I feel more like myself since I started this new job. Maybe it is part of the routine developing. In fact, I’m pretty sure that is a big part of it. All I know is that I’m working on the manuscripts more and the productivity is going through the roof. My snow day is including a good amount of writing to keep my momentum going. So my soundtrack is playing, my headphones are on, and I’m tapping away at my keyboard. Feeling more at ease about life and the direction that it is taking me. Things are definitely getting to a more even footing and maybe the stress being alleviated is part of what is boosting my creativity and productivity. I definitely got some serious word count in yesterday and I’m looking to continue the trend today.

That being said, it is back to Scrivener and Armageddon Rising for me. If you haven’t checked out my first book in the series you can do so here. The sequel is well under way and I’m hoping to make an announcement about its release date soon.

Stay safe out there everyone. Keep warm and enjoy the time away from the usual obligations. I certainly am.