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It is the most often asked question of authors. It comes in two versions. It is also an inquiry without a quick or easy way to address it. Interviewers will always ask them and as an interviewee, you have to come up with a precise answer. Sometimes, the reasons change from interview to interview.

140327123339-large“Where do you get your ideas?” and “What inspires you?”

They are fantastic questions, even if they are loaded. And since inquiring minds want to know, I am going to address the subject of inspiration as it relates to me, my work, and my life. You guessed it, this is going to be a series. It is one that I think you’ll enjoy though. The idea behind this blog is to give you a window into my world. Truth is, I think you’ll find this much more interesting than my going on about my day job, or search for one, and word counts.

So when the tradewinds blow in, you’ll get some insight into my process and what inspires me to write, and what inspires the things that I write.

I’m most often asked about what I write. Since most of my work has some paranormal or supernatural element, people have often asked me why I write those elements into my stories. Where is my inspiration for it?

d8501f955efcc822e3e3638cc7740a31First of all, it is larger than life and requires the fun part of my imagination. It is a bit of a break from the mundane life I lead on a regular basis. Everyone needs a bit of excitement in their life. Even if it does mean living vicariously through your characters in a book.

Secondly there is a little known fact about me that I’m willing to share with all of you. I have been a paranormal researcher for over 15 years of my life. I’ve participated in various aspects of the field as a researcher, analyst, interviewer, and even as a director and founder of a group. I’ve had to step away at times and take time for myself to sort out some of what I experience. Sometimes parts of cases will end up in a story. I can honestly say that I’ve experienced many things in my research that have made an impact on me. And no, I am not going to try to convince anyone to believe in the paranormal. I firmly believe that skeptics will always be hesitant to believe until they’ve had an experience of their own that they can’t explain.

Of course, the experiences that I had in the field make it easy to spice up the fiction. I think that people like something a little larger than life when they read fiction. Sometimes the experiences are a little larger than life and unbelievable on investigations. More often than not, it is just a lot of work and feeling really silly in the process. It isn’t all fodder for the fiction though. I really do enjoy the process and helping people who are experiencing things that are unsettling in their homes or businesses. And it is also interesting to learn so much of the history of different areas. Sometimes, you’re amazed at what comes up in the midst of the investigations. When you investigate the paranormal, it is all about the details. The smallest things have a way of triggering ideas for stories.

I’ve often thought about reviving the investigations. Now that I’m in a better position, I may just do that. Checking out the local area and the history could be a good thing for me. There are plenty of places to look at. Jefferson, Texas isn’t that far away (only an hour) and it is known as the most haunted town in Texas. It may do me some good to pick a place and do a study on it. I have also thought about writing a book about the experiences and giving talks on it. I may just do that at some point. I’m certainly working on a project behind the scenes in what little spare time I have.

All of that being said, I hope that all of you will stick it out with me. I just transitioned into a new full-time job. This is such a good thing for me personally. It means no more erratic schedules, I can plan for things, make an effort to get into a routine and, I hope, be more productive once I adjust to the commute and the information overload. I’m scheming other posts to bring here and will be posting on a more consistent basis soon.