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Make things happenI am excited about so many things right now. I spent my day running errands yesterday. This is pretty typical of my day off from the day job. Checking the mailbox on my way in, I had a package from my best friend back in Kentucky. I won’t go into the details of what it contained but, it was an assortment of really thoughtful items that only a best friend can choose. This year seems to have a running theme for both of us. One of transformation and coming into our own lives more fully than we have before. Butterflies have developed a significance for both of us for that reason. This is all about empowerment, self love, personal care, and getting on with the lives we were meant to lead. For me, that includes doing more with the writing career.

So I have been doing research and trying to develop a plan for meeting more readers along the way this year. It has come to my attention that I’ve been missing an important element of my online presence. Goodreads has somehow avoided my detection in the sea of information about book marketing. I’m learning how to use it but, you can now connect with me over there by clicking here. You’ll be able to see what I’m reading and see reviews as I post them. There are a number of books on my shelves right now that haven’t been rated. I’ll get to them eventually. If you want my opinion on something specific, I suggest that you send me a message or comment to ask. I have also enabled the option that allows you to ask me questions on the site.

THE FALLENCOVERIn a sort of kick-off for this year’s sales efforts I’m going to be giving away a copy of The Fallen to a lucky follower. In the past I’ve pulled from all of my facebook fans and twitter followers for a winner but, I think that it is time to branch out a bit and use technology to my advantage. So, I’m launching this one with Rafflecopter to make my life easier. You can see the contest rules here. And you can enter here. Drawing will take place on February 27th with a winner announced on the 28th.

You can enter here :
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I am also going to kick off a newsletter in the next month. It will be a letter direct to my readers with insider news about characters, story, and projects and my thoughts on the progress of the series. Newsletter subscribers will get perks like pre-order options on new books coming out, special sales, and information on other projects I have coming out. So be sure that you subscribe to that to keep up to date. Don’t worry it isn’t meant to spam you and I won’t share your email with anyone. You’ll get an email on the 4th of every month and very rarely if I have a super special event or promotion to tell you about.

You can sign up by clicking here: