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I come from a very musical family and music has had a very profound influence on my life. I’ve not only enjoyed listening to it and dancing but, I’ve also known the joy and reward of being a performer on stages big and small. I have a great deal of respect for musicians. It takes a lot to put your heart and soul out there. Much like writing, the art form is subject to intense scrutiny. People form opinions and they don’t hesitate to tell you when they disagree or object to your art. It takes guts to get on a stage. Even more to get up there in front of thousands of people. It is something that you have to love in order to do it. Just like writing. I’ve never shied away from either.

Music-Inspires-TeeMost musically inclined people can give you a soundtrack to various stages of their lives. I know that I can. I listen to all sorts of genres. I’ve had upbeat periods in which 80’s new wave and pop were my choice. I’ve also had dark and depressive times in which I listened to goth and symphonic rock. I have more bands on my playlists than I can name in a post. From classical to jazz I’ve listened to it all. I know how a song can alter your mood, make you reflect, and take you back to a time and place you’d rather not remember. Yet, there is also a great side to music that can uplift you and inspire you in various areas of life. So in this post, I’m going to give you a little taste of what music is inspiring me right now.

I use Spotify for my music when I’m writing. Yes, I have soundtracks to work to that match certain books and themes. More often than not, I’m on a very random playlist of favorite songs that end up playing these on a regular basis.

BRAVE ~ by Sarah Bareilles

This has been such an influential song for me. For many years, I held my tongue and walked on eggshells denying myself the opportunity to be me for the sake of keeping the peace. I was, in many ways, afraid to speak my mind. There were many reasons for it and none of those were really good ones. This song was not only opportune in when it came to my attention but, it was catchy and the message is entirely empowering since it is a sort of personal challenge to be authentic and yourself. The video is even more inspiring because it shows a bunch of people who represent all different body-types just cutting loose and having fun. Yes, we fat people can dance and have fun too.

SHAKE IT OFF ~ by Taylor Swift

Now I didn’t much care for Taylor when she first came onto the music scene. I thought her lyrics were trite and she belonged on Radio Disney more than the regular charts. She’s grown on me though. Her new album is something that I am enjoying. I think that she’s matured considerably and that reflects in her music. Shake It Off is great in its silliness and reminder to just shake off the embarrassing parts of life and get on with living.  Taylor’s ability to show herself in an awkward light is an inspiration in itself to say it is okay to be awkward and silly and to just have fun. Life is not all seriousness after all.

ALL ABOUT THAT BASS ~ Meghan Trainor

Body positivity at it’s finest! This song likely speaks for itself but, I think we need more like this. Not everyone is thin and pretty. That doesn’t mean we’re any less lovable or deserving of respect. We’re all made in a unique way. There is nothing wrong with being who and what you are. In fact, embracing ourselves as we are and telling the haters to move along is a right of passage in my opinion. Just as you don’t have to live up to other’s expectations of beauty, they don’t have to have the eye to see your beauty. Accept it and move on to appreciate the ones who do. Go forth as confidently as you can and let yourself be the unique person you were meant to be. This song is all about embracing the perfection in your imperfection and that’s a powerful thing.


These are songs that inspire me. What songs inspire you and how?