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970660_536943969702967_1571047460_nChange is difficult. Big changes are even harder especially when they are necessary. I have spent the better part of a year dealing with changes that were thrust upon me by circumstance. It has been a year of trying to get my life back together and find a sense of self again. I think that I’ve come a long way but, there is always further to go. This year I am focusing on getting myself back to a state of enjoying life instead of just existing. To that end, I have to get focused on my health and get back to a point where I can enjoy activities again. I want to explore all the things that I used to love. That means being able to comfortably get around and partake in social activities.

It is easy to fall into the trap of letting yourself go when you’re single. Instead of healthy choices, you find yourself making the cheap and convenient choice. I admit it. Last year I ate way too much fast food. My diet was dominated by burgers, fries, and not nearly enough vegetables. I consumed way too much soda, even too much regular soda. And these things have to change in order for me to get back in shape and feel better.

So how to make lasting changes? For me the key lies in seeing things progress. While this isn’t about weight loss, that will definitely be a side effect of the process. So, I set about organizing something to help me visualize and see what I’m doing. il_570xN.653837467_7qtrI found this Health and Fitness Planner over on Etsy. I printed out pages and I’ve put them in a binder. Tracking my food is part of it but the more important thing is the activity. Walks, workouts, even biking there are all sorts of things. This particular planner focused on the fitness aspect and that was really what I was looking for.  It is still available if you’re interested and is only $5.00 USD.

imagesI am also back on Sparkpeople.com and using the mobile app to track during the day. I’m likely going to join a community or two and start my own just because I think I will likely stick with it better if I’m in a more social situation. If you’d like to join me. I’m using the profile name SAMWRITES over there. I’m updating my page and hoping that I can meet more people who will help to keep me motivated and enjoying this process of change.

So what am I changing? Well it means not taking the easy way all the time. Choosing healthier food options by asking myself what is better for me physically. I doubt that there is going to be much change in the amount of eating out I do for now. That’s being realistic because I am on the go so much. But, I can choose a grilled chicken over a burger and maybe even a salad. I can start to cut out things like soda in favor of more water. I can pick up fruits and veggies instead of chips and candy for snacks. Those are all changes that I’m ready to make now. It feels good seeing them happening on paper and the online tools.

The trick to this, for me, is to keep the changes fun and feeling like I’m making a difference in my lifestyle. So rewarding myself with outings, a new stylish piece of clothing, or an accessory will help me to keep my focus. It will serve the purpose of proving to myself that I am changing the quality of my life with these small things without being so rigid. Things that are sustainable are happening in my life.

What sustainable changes are you making to better your life?