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Welcome to 2015 everyone! I hope that the new year brings you every good thing that you want for yourself.

My year is starting out quietly with lots of writing time and taking some new years resolutions. It is raining and Pippin is whining to have me make it stop so that he and Odie can go outside. Sorry to disappoint him but, I can’t make that happen pooch. Now is a time to take the resolutions to heart and put them on paper so that I can be accountable the rest of the year. This year, I’m separating the idea of goals and resolutions. I think that they are different.

New-Year-Resolutions-1A goal is something that you define and achieve. There is an end result to it. While I have a few of those for myself, my point is to focus on the resolutions for this post. Resolutions being things that you plan to do, actions you want to take  to reach those goals. They are things you must continually work on throughout the year. I have a larger list but, I’m going to give you my top five.

1. Be more kind and gentle with myself.  – I am absolutely my own worst critic. This is a big realization in the past year. Beating myself up over past mistakes and failures has gotten me nowhere. I need to accept the lessons that they taught me and treat the new year like the clean slate that it is. I see daily affirmations happening for myself this year. I’ve never worked with them before but, I think it is time to start reminding myself that I am worthy of love, acceptance, companionship, and success.I am human, I fail and I break down sometimes but, I always get up and I keep trying.

2. To make healthier choices for myself. – I’ve done more of this in the last year. I need to be more consistent about it though. This means keeping doctor appointments and taking medication on a consistent basis. It means developing a better routine for myself. Getting enough rest but not too much. Making the healthier choices when I eat out instead of what’s fast. Exercising more. Training to get in that 5k this year that I put off.

XAssd5z3. Taking the time to feel like a woman – I have had a bad habit of putting my appearance on a back burner. I don’t always do my hair, put on makeup, or even dress up when I go out. Working in retail where we have a uniform there is really nothing at all feminine about it.  It is time to pay more attention to that. To buy myself clothes that I like to wear and develop a style for when I do go out.

4.To take time to do better self-care – Basic things that often get over-looked. Such as, taking a shower on my day off when I am just staying at home or getting out of my pajamas. Taking the time to put lotion on my skin, paint my nails, or even just pray and meditate; it all gets lost in the shuffle. These are all things that I want to work on doing with more diligence.

5. Getting out more often, meeting new friends, and being more social – I think all writers are a bit introverted. I never really thought that I would put myself in that category. That being said, many things changed over that seven year period when I was with my ex. I was isolated for the majority of that period of my life. So much so that it has become habit to sequester myself away. It is time for me to get out of my cave more often and into the world. I’ve come to realize the importance of friendships and social interaction. And while I am not sure what I’ll find to do around here, I know I need to find something. So, meeting new people is on my list. So are taking some road trips and actually exploring the area more.

Those are my resolutions for the year. Things to continually work on. Tomorrow I’ll cover the list of what to work toward. Have you made any new year’s resolutions of your own?