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Yes, I’ve been away. Engrossed in the writing frenzy that is called NanoWrimo. November is always a crazy month. Come to think of it, so is December. But, its been a somewhat productive hibernation. I am not entirely up to date on my word count goals but, progress is progress no matter how little it may seem. Besides that, my distractions from the writing process have been productive in other areas as well.

Big news? Yes, I do have big news. Well it is big for me. Something I have really needed for a while now. I did my Birthday and Christmas to myself early. I didn’t anticipate it but after going to vote on November 4th (yes, I did my civic duty proudly) I went to breakfast with my parents and ended up going car shopping. To my surprise, I walked out the proud owner of a new 2013 Chevrolet Spark.

New Car NovemberSo meet Sparkle! My new “partner in crime”. Yes, I love her. Awesome gas mileage allows me to go when I couldn’t have before. She is gonna do wonders for making it possible to be more social. Writer’s groups are back on the agenda for me. And doing a writer’s cafe day is on my list once a week. It is definitely a sense of freedom that I haven’t enjoyed in a long time. It isn’t such a huge ordeal if I want to get out and go somewhere for the sake of going.

Now if I can just get my Erin Condren Life Planner I think I’ll be all set for a new year of getting on with living my life.

Amazing thing happened this week. We actually had snow here in East Texas. It wasn’t much. Just a light coating on the porch. To have snow at this time of year is really unheard of. We usually don’t see snow, if we see it at all, until at least January or February. Last year we had a white Christmas and that was rare. So maybe we’ll have another this year. I will admit to really enjoying the cool weather though.

I’ve still got a ton on my plate to finish but, I will be back to regular posts soon. I just had to share something before November got away from me without a single post. Besides, it has been a good month.