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Participant-2014-Web-BannerIt is that time of the year. NanoWrimo is less than three weeks away. Like thousands of other writers, I am preparing to take on the challenge of writing a full novel in thirty days. Believe it or not, that takes some preparation. I already have lots of notes and ideas going in my notebook. But I have more to do still. So the next few weeks will be a whole process of outlining, character sketching, and trying to get the space more organized and ready for a 30 day span of every free moment being spent at my desk. It is just a part of the process.

I wanted to go to local events this year. Taking part in write-ins is something that I wasn’t able to do in years previous. There are usually kick-off parties and after-parties but this year, it doesn’t look like anyone stepped up to the plate to organize those things. Sadly, the deadline for applying to be a Municipal Liason officially has passed. But, I think that I may apply for next year. It would definitely be good for me. So it is an option that I am going to explore.

But what do I do to prepare for such a major challenge? I tend to go easy on myself and work on notes. I don’t obsess over it. That would be counter productive. But you can’t just go blindly into writing a novel. You have to have an idea and cultivate it. It takes some time and it will be something that happens long after you’ve drafted in a matter of 30 days.

For fans of my debut novel, The Secret of the Storm, it will be exciting to hear that I am working on the next Slauson Cove novel for my NanoWrimo project. That means there could be two books out in 2015. That is certainly a goal for me in the coming year.

Prepping for November takes a lot of things. It is a time of year when the weather changes and getting some warmer clothes out of storage is needed. Getting a game plan together for schedule and managing my time for the challenge. Doing things to minimize impact on my time during November like prewriting some blog posts to go up on here. It takes time.

Two days until the giveaway drawing. I’m excited to see who wins. If you haven’t joined me over on facebook, twitter, or G+ then please do. I love seeing new people and interacting with my followers and friends lists. Joining me on those sites will get you into the drawing on the 15th.