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I get the question from people often. Why do I write paranormal and supernatural fiction? It isn’t a simple answer. Although, I could simply say because I enjoy the creativity that goes into it. But it really is more complicated than that. Since it is the season of all things spooky and mysterious, I think it may just be time to do my best to explain.

It is true that what I write is fiction. It is also true that I have to use my imagination. What is not necessarily commonly known is that for many years I have been a paranormal researcher and investigator. I’ve been out of the field for a while but I still consult on occasion. As an investigator I’ve seen a lot of things that I couldn’t explain without going on the idea that there was something more spiritual at work.

My personal experiences with the paranormal started at a young age. I have lived my life with not only a sense of story-telling and recording what I experience but also with a perpetual curiosity about such things. I grew up more interested in ghost stories and folklore. And that is something that carries on into my adult life. I’m inspired by historical sites, cemeteries, and yes, haunted houses. And my work as an investigator has always been a source for story ideas.

I’ve considered doing a volume on my experiences and findings. Putting my own hypothesis out there is something that I’ve done before on a more local level when I trained a local group. Now, if I do investigate, it is typically for someone who is a friend or acquaintance of the family. I haven’t had the time to properly run a group of my own in several years. But, I still have a small group of investigators who I trained and would call if a case was to fall into my lap.

To be honest I do miss those days. Like writing fiction, you have to love the job to do it. It is a long and tedious process of evaluating data and footage to find evidence. Now, with the popularity of shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Lab, you have so many people who are interested in it but have no clue where to start. Stories of accidents and historical sites being damaged because of unapproved investigations are absolutely appalling to serious investigating teams. Legitimate groups have worked hard to make a name for themselves in their communities. The whole research field has been ridiculed, mocked, and simply slandered because people to not consider it to be a viable field of scientific research. But despite the skeptics it is a field that will always hold interest for me.

Writing about the supernatural side of life is partly fantasy woven in a rich tapestry with reality. The lines blur and it makes for a fantastic escape from the mundane. I hope that people realize that the intention is to make them escape for a while when they read one of my books. But it is just as much an escape from the boring when I’m writing as well. And to that end, I suppose, I do lead a pretty paranormal life.