It is the first of October and I am ever so excited about the cooler weather that has moved into East Texas.  I woke up to 42°F and right now it is only 68°F. I am very happy about this. Considering we’ve been in the upper 90s and triple digits since May. In my opinion it is time to drag out the sweatpants, cocoa, hot tea, and soups for the winter months. Time for slippers and cuddling up with the pup at night without fighting to stay comfortable. Time for being comfortable while working and enjoying some time out because it isn’t so hot to drive to town.

Personally, I love the fall. It is always a time of fresh beginnings to me. I call it a hold-over from all of those years when school started and it was a new year with new things to learn and new grades. Time to go back to being around my friends and looking forward to all that they year held for me. And I have to say that there is still an urge to go back to school properly and obtain a degree that will help me both with my writing and just getting on with life in general. Maybe next fall will be the year that I do.

But what are my top five favorite things about the season?

1. The back to school sales. I’m a writer. I require various office supplies to do what I do. This is the time of year to stock up.

2. With the kiddos back in school there is less traffic and it is easier to plan for outings.

3. All the lovely hot beverages are better on the go in the Fall and Winter. It is time that I drag out my teas, cocoa, and coffee.

4. The fall colors are just amazing. They tend to give me a warm and fuzzy feeling that inspires my creativity.

And 5. It is the start of the holiday season. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner. Then Thanksgiving during Nanowrimo, Christmas, and New Years are all on the horizon.

I’m happy we’re entering this phase of the year. Are you? What is your favorite part of the fall months?