For a writer the work is never done. There is always something more to be doing. You have to be a one-woman show as an indie. You write, you edit, you test, you rework, you market, you plan, and you pitch on a constant basis. You move seamlessly from one project to the next. You don’t stop and you keep moving toward more on the resume. That’s true even when you work another full time job. So is it any wonder why so many of us fall into the perpetually single category? We’re workaholics in a very real sense. We eat, sleep, and breathe our main job. We carry notebooks, tablets, laptops, pens, and on the rare occasion we are without paper, we can be found scribbling on napkins, receipts or the back of an envelope we find stashed somewhere.

So what does a writer do when they have worked for six straight days at the “normal job”? I can tell you what this one does. I take a little time to relax. I stay up a little late playing around, and then I sleep in a bit. But then, I get back to it. I put my butt in the chair and kick out the word count on whatever project I have going in my head. Sometimes that’s the book I have going and other times it is outlining for the next project. Then there are times when, like now, I get blog posts ready to go. But for the rest of the night, I’m getting myself in some game time and the tomorrow I’m going to work on more coherent posts for you.