I’ve spent some time trying to decide on what to do with this blog. Working at my day job at the fuel center of the local grocery store has given me plenty of time to brainstorm and try to make some sort of tentative plan. But, I want this to become a place for people to really interact with me. I want to share my lifestyle as a creative person, as a single plus-size woman, and as a woman just trying to get it all together. I think that I have a lot to offer and I’m sure that there are plenty of women out there who will identify with what I have to share. However, I also want this to be more than just a diary. I want you, my readers, to get something out of these posts. So, I’m reinventing the blog as much as I am reinventing myself.

You’re going to see more about living. I’m thinking about some giveaways of my books and some other things. You’ll see more arts and crafts because I want to make more arts and crafts. You’ll hear about my adventures working with the public in retail. (Though, I will, of course, have to change names to protect the innocent.) There will be fun top ten lists and personal commentary on living single in a modern world. So, yes, you’ll be seeing a more opinionated post here and there though I will try to stray away from politics. I usually keep those opinions to myself.

Like before, you’ll get a post about health once in a while and my own personal struggle with becoming more healthy. I really do believe that it is about health and not size. That is something that will not change. I am still trying to get healthier. And I will share that journey as it happens but, I cannot say that it will be the main focus of the blog from here on out. I’m much too multi-faceted for that to be a focus.

I’ve got some bigger ideas now and I hope that you’ll find them both entertaining and insightful. But, I want it to be something of a surprise as I go along so I don’t want to lay it all out here.

For now, I will say I hope that those of you who signed up will join me for the ride ahead. Changes are going to be happening this week with the layout and a new series will start up over the weekend. And I am working on a little goodie to give away as well. So, just hang in there. Regular posting is about to start.