I don’t know about all of you but, I am ready for fall to be here. August was a wash of a month in so many ways. Writing came to all but a halt while I dealt with some personal matters that needed attention. They simply couldn’t be put off any longer. To that end, I’m hopeful that I am putting more effort into book production over the next couple weeks. I have a bit more of a fixed schedule this week that will allow for me to plan some hours at the desk now that my errands are run and I have most of my afternoons free.

Time gets away from you when you’re dealing with the obstacles life throws at you. I’ve certainly had my share of curve-balls the past couple of years. I’m hoping that after dealing with everything this past year, I am starting on a more routine lifestyle. Routine that includes a little bit of a social life, artistic outlets (in the visual department), and writing time. I’d also like to do more promotion for the books I have out right now. But we’ll see how planning goes on that front. I’m still low man on the totem pole where the schedule goes at work. So I’ll have to see what I can do.

I have a lot of things going on all at once it seems. I’ve spent some time working on getting myself organized and trying to better manage my time. I’m gearing up to take on the challenge in November with Nanowrimo. Anyone else taking it on? I’d be happy to have some companions along the way if you are. So leave me a message and I’ll add you to my list of contacts on the forums.  Before that happens, I want to enjoy something for Halloween. For the first time in years I would like to get out and socialize on Halloween. If I could find something fun to do I would even be tempted to come up with a costume for the occasion. But, I have no idea what is happening or where to go around here. I suppose I will have to just keep my ears open.

Like many people I enjoy the fall. I love cozy sweaters, chai lattes, good coffee, lounge pants and socks. I love the cooler weather and the turning leaves and the holidays that come with it. It is a lead up to the Christmas season and I enjoy it so much. I’m looking better to this fall being more of a fresh start for me personally. Projects are waiting to be completed, others ready to start, I’m learning new skills and enjoying more creative aspects of my life now. Those are good things.

So, I’m writing August off as a wash and starting over for the fall.