What can I say? Sometimes you just need some time to recuperate from all the fun. For three weeks I spent time with family and friends and tried to cram a ton of stuff into a short amount of time. I guess I earned a little R & R but now, I have to get myself back in gear. There is too much that I still need to do to just allow myself to lay down and stop for any amount of time.

1236439_708784392470478_901958541_nI have another book to write. There is a 5K to train for. I have a job that I will have to get back to on Saturday – if they don’t call me in before then. So, it feels like I have limited time no matter what I do.  So, I need to find my mojo and get back at it. I want to keep the momentum going with Armageddon Rising. To do that means I have to get back to writing and editing.

I have considered doing the Camp Nanowrimo to give myself a kick in the rear but, I think that could be a bit of undue pressure on me at the moment. I have a lot going on behind the scenes as well.

I need to get my butt back into the gym routine as well. Saving gas for work at the moment since I overspent while on the “vacation”. But, payday, I’ll be getting back in there so I can get myself back on track. I managed to lose while I was gone. I need to get back into focused mode with it though. That means getting back to using Sparkpeople.com now that I’m home with net connection. Getting back to the gym and working out more. I was feeling really good when I left. I attribute that to all the healthy changes. Not entirely sure where they all went while I was on vacation. But It seemed to go out the window. Maybe it was the accessibility of the “not so good for me” stuff. There was certainly more junk food while I was gone. Those stupid pizza rolls are addictive and I am glad that I had a limited amount of time where I could get them. I could eat them every day they are so good. Of course, I shouldn’t but, I could.

Now they are out of reach and I should be able to get myself back on track.

Goals for this week are to get at least 10k done on the new book and another 5  on a web-series that I’m planning.  Yes, I’m delving back into the world of serial fiction. I’m working out details still but, I’m sure that I’ll post more details as I have them. This will be something totally different from my usual work though. More Victoriana meets paranormal with a major romance angle.  You’ll just have to stay tuned for more details.