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3,000 miles of traveling, three weeks, two book events, friends, family and all that goes along with it… yes, this writer has worn herself out. Would I change it? Nope, not a bit. I had so much fun and while I didn’t get any major writing done while I was there, I did come back with lots of ideas, notes, and memories.

In book news:

Minnie1There were two major events while I was in Kentucky. Minnie Library was kind enough to let Deedra Mosley and me set up outside their facility. We had so much fun meeting readers and catching up. It had been nearly 12 years since we were in the same place. I also had a chance to get to know my god daughters and that was awesome. Sad they didn’t get to come with their mom later when we got together but, I know that they had fun at camp. Hopefully we’ll get together again soon.

We had fun and spent the morning set up.  Libraries are always hit and miss events for me. It seems fewer people go there for the books than those who go for the internet access. When I went in, I saw more people playing games on the computer than I would have liked. Libraries were once great places to gain knowledge. Seems like that’s saying something about our society. That is a topic for another time though.

collagebookThe other was at Pikeville Library. Originally I was going to be part of the grand opening of the new Pike County Library but, it wasn’t opened in time. At the downtown library location they had a wonderful set up with three other local authors. Views of my table and from my table. It was nice and we were able to address the book group meeting just after the event.

I admit that I sort of freaked out a bit. They asked us initially to read. I’ve never done a reading. I can talk to groups all day long if need be but, I’m terrible at reading aloud in my opinion. I would have done it but, I was relieved when the time was cut and we were asked to just talk to the group about the books.

AlybookPikeville was a very nostalgic place for me. I was born in the hospital on the hill there. My great grandmother graduated from their university and my mother attended there as well.  So, I was happy to be going back to do a major book event there. We even had my nieces there and my sister in law got a great picture of my niece signing my guest book at the table. It was so priceless I have to include it. The girls all love books and my Natabee is aspiring to be a writer herself. So, I am definitely a proud Aunt. It was good for me to see that they are all starting young. It also makes Christmas gifting easier.

Books were sold and there are even some on bookshelves at Lighthouse Christian Books in Pikeville, Kentucky. So if you’re in the area and want to pick one up, you’ll not only be supporting me but also a great local business.

I made some great memories while I was gone. Cooked a lot of meals including my brother’s favorite lasagna while I was there. Got to spend hours playing games with the kids and my best buddy. And I even got in the truck with notes for new projects that I am ready to work on.

I brought back my great grandmother’s Victorian chest of drawers to refinish and my hope chest. I am excited to have them.  It is as much a sentimental reason for having them as it is just my love of Victoriana.

Now I’m ready to get back into the writing chair and put some work together. I am actually considering doing the Camp Nanowrimo session in July. It may be enough of a kick in the rear to get moving on the new book and series. Now that I’m unpacked and settled back in with some rest, I think I can manage to get back in the groove.