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Buzz is buzzing about the new book. So many questions and so many things to do to prep for the events coming up on the 23rd and during the first couple weeks of June. I’m excited but I’m also a bit nervous about it all. There is always some apprehension when I put something out to the public like this.

As a writer, I’m hopeful that it is well-received and enjoyed by those who pick it up and read it. At the same time, I’m very aware that you can’t please everyone. There will be those who will nitpick and pull it apart to find every conceivable error that may have been overlooked. The truth is, at some point you have to stop being a perfectionist and put it out there. For some writers, that’s the real struggle.

10325286_862375633791156_2478923923303741612_nI’ve talked about doing the Color Up 5K before. Originally I had planned to take part in the race in Tyler back in March. Of course, I was out of town when it happened and nowhere near ready physically for such a taxing endeavor. So, I finally took the plunge and joined the gym and I’ve been busting my butt on cardio 5 days a week since I joined. I’m still aiming for a race. It is a goal that I am sure I can attain even if I’m only power-walking through it. I think I’m still quite a ways from being able to jog.

There is another Color Up 5K happening in Longview on November 1st. I found out about it last week. I’ve debated with myself on whether I can be ready for it. I’ve questioned whether I can handle the heat. But, I got to thinking. It’s still 5 months away. Surely, I can get myself to a point that I can participate in that amount of time. I mean, I’m making leaps and bounds in my stamina at the gym. (I’ve gone from starting out doing less than 15 minutes of activity to doing at least 30 and some days 40 minutes.)

Then I was training a new person at work the other day. We were sent on a long run to Mesquite with a crew. It is a long trip. So, we stopped at a truck stop about half way there. While everyone was getting drinks and whatnot, I was contemplating the race and whether I should pre-register for it. I look down and what should I see on the ground? A packet from a Color Run 5 K that happened in Dallas over the weekend.

I took it as an answer to that prayer of questioning. So, yes, I will be taking part in November’s race.