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We’re in the final phases of the production of The Fallen now. Exciting stuff for me, I tell ya. It will be awesome to get the finished product in my hands. That’s always an amazing feeling. Just getting that first case of books was a big thrill. I can’t wait to add my copy to my bookshelf. Just like I can’t wait to start the book tour. I enjoy meeting readers. I think it is one of the great things about writing like this. Most of it is lonely work so any chance to socialize with readers or other writers is a treat.

10014625_844688218893231_9181717265582763373_nI kick off the book tour here in Texas in May. So far, May 23rd is the first date. I’ll be at Books & Coffee on Loop 281 in Longview, Texas. It is likely that more dates will be added but not until after I am in Kentucky for two weeks in the beginning of June. I’ll be updating both my website and the facebook page with events as I have confirmed dates and times.

The weather here in East Texas has been erratic, which is typical. We’ve had 70°- 80° during the day and sometimes dipping as low as 35° at night. The pastures across from the house are absolutely picture-perfect as you can see to the left. My phone’s camera just doesn’t do the scene justice but, trust me when I say that the drive home from town is definitely worth it.

Sometimes I get to see some pretty awesome Texas scenery when I’m working too. Most of the time I work overnight and it gives me a unique perspective.  Like last week when I went to take a crew to Kilgore. The downtown area is actually pretty awesome to look at. Lots of colorful lights and all the oil derricks. The derricks are a pretty unique feature of Texas. I’d traveled all over the USA and never seen them until I came here. 1902842_841890245839695_5283490373845830867_n

Next week sees a lot of time at the day job. This makes me very happy that I’ve gotten things that will help me to stay working when I am on the go with them. Keeping my schedule straight is becoming interesting between the book tour and the job. I just hope that I can keep up.

I will say that I’m looking forward to the two weeks that I’ll be back in my hometown in Kentucky. I get to see family that I haven’t seen in a number of years. I also get to meet others that I’ve never met in my extended family. It is going to be another adventure for sure.  And just maybe I’ll have some time to act like a teenager again visiting with old friends for the first time since I graduated back in 1997. Best of all, I get to spend time with my three beautiful nieces. They’re always a ton of fun and my baby brother is always a riot.

Things are definitely getting under way here on this Good Friday. My Easter dress didn’t make it for the holiday. I didn’t realize it would be shipped from India and was stuck in New Delhi for over a week. At least it will be here for me to use for signings and events though. Not sure that I’ll order from that company again. But, plus size clothes with some style that I like are hard to find anyway. Factor in affordability and it is even more difficult. So, I don’t know. I guess, we’ll just have to see how it is made and how it fits. I just wish it were here in time for church.

This year there are no Easter egg hunts or baskets for me. It is a time for quiet observance of the Christian meaning of the holiday. It is the most important of Christian holidays in my opinion and it calls for some serious reflection and prayer. It might even be a sort of new year for me with resolutions for the next year.

I hope that whatever all of you are doing for the holiday, you’re spending it with family and looking forward to spring and the wonderful things that come with it.