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I’ve been working on the planning part of this series for quite a few years. The idea wasn’t one that was built out of personal experience so much as it just came to me and I had to write it down. I didn’t go into writing to tackle such a controversial subject. In fact, I wanted to steer clear of interpreting the prophecies in the book of Revelations. I thought that Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins did a fantastic job of bringing them to life in the Left Behind series of novels. I’m not a theologian or biblical scholar. I’m just an average person trying to figure out my way through life. I didn’t feel qualified to improve upon their work, nor to add anything to the already hotly scrutinized subject.

Coming in May 2014 from Anne Belle

Coming in May 2014 from Anne Belle

For some reason this story wouldn’t let go of me. I put the start of it down on the page and I tucked it away for a while as I finished work on The Secret of the Storm. Then, I picked up the short snippet and I started working again. I started developing the characters in the series, I also found that I started to change how I was looking at spiritual matters. I don’t expect that this work will change anyone’s mind on their spiritual path. That was never the intention. I will say that I believe that this was a story that needed to be written and that there was some sort of spiritual influence in it. In fact, I think that the process has changed me in many ways.

All of that being said, I do want to point out that I wanted to write a compelling story. What you’ll read in a bit of a preview here is purely my imagination at work. In fact, this first book The Fallen is purely imagination. It is meant to get people to read and maybe just do their own research into the prophecies. I am simply a story-teller. I am not going to get every detail right. I am not striving to keep my events true to the accounts in Revelations. I’m telling this story from a whole different point of view.

Armageddon Rising is a series that is mostly supernatural suspense but at the heart of it all, I think that it is largely turning into a tortured sort of love story. You’ll have to read it to fully understand that part. And yes, it will be available online at the end of May. So, there isn’t too long to wait now.

If you’re interested in pre-orders then please join me over on Facebook. I’ll be posting more information as soon as I have it available. Hopefully I’ll be able to do something special here in East Texas to kick off the tour. I already have two dates in Kentucky and I am working diligently to set more up here in Texas and Louisiana. Details will be available on my website as soon as they are confirmed.

Without further fanfare, I give you a sneak preview of  Armageddon Rising : Book One – The Fallen:

As though propelled back to the reality of her situation, she was aware of the room around her. The smell of the incense, the heat from the candles on her skin, her eyes blinked open as they adjusted to the dim light. She could hear a car on the street outside the building. Her mouth felt dry but she couldn’t help noticing a faint metallic taste at the back of her throat. Firmly planted in the present, she stretched her legs out and moved from the pillow.

She needed to turn on a lamp before she could blow out the candles. She didn’t want to be stumbling around in the dark to find the light. She walked over to the edge of the screen that separated the space from the rest of the apartment. She switched on the lamp and turning back, blew out the candles. She didn’t sit back down immediately to write in the journal she kept there on the table with her candles and incense. She wanted something to drink first. Picking up the journal she came from behind the screen towards her kitchen but, as she rounded the screen she stopped. She gasped as she saw a reclining figure sitting on her bed. The book fell from her hands and she stifled a scream.

“What the hell?!”

“Relax Gwen, I’m not here to hurt you,” he said as he leaned forward and put the pillow he’d been holding in his lap aside.

Gwen’s eyes grew wide as she noticed the multicolored wings behind him that seemed to shimmer as though covered in a sheet of flames, reminding her of a phoenix. For a split second she wasn’t sure how to react. Her eyes were fixed on him and she started toward the door but then her curiosity fused with a touch of anger at the intrusion and she wanted answers.

“How did you get in here?”

He cocked an eyebrow at her, “You do know that is completely irrelevant to this situation right?”

“Like hell it is!”

“I do wish you would stop using that word. Frankly, the modern usage of it isn’t even helpful to the point that is intended. So, please, find another catch-phrase.”

“Maybe I will, as soon as you explain to me how you got in here and, more to the point, who you are and why you’re here.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. She figured that if he were intent upon harming her, he wouldn’t have waited until the end of her meditation to do so. He’d been lounging casually on the bed rather than watching her. His view of her was, after all, blocked by the screen. Her anger remained but she was more intrigued by this whole turn of events.

“Who I am isn’t relevant to you right now either. That will all be clear soon enough. What is important right now is that you stop trying to run from your nature and what you know to be true,” he said.

The idea that she was running away from something struck her hard. Gwen hadn’t run from anything in as long as she could remember. It wasn’t in her nature to run away. The fact that this being would suggest otherwise literally confused her.

“You don’t know me then. I’ve never run from anything.”

“I didn’t say that you had run from something Gwendolyn. I said that you were trying to run. There is a very significant difference there.”

She could feel her brow furrowing as both her aggravation and curiosity grew more intense. She had no idea what he was talking about. She usually liked a good mystery and riddle but, something about this all seemed rather urgent for her to figure out. She didn’t like the idea of someone playing a game with her if it was important.

“So, if I’m trying to run from something, please enlighten me as to what it is. Because I don’t see what it is that I shouldn’t be running from.”

“I can see that,” he said and stood up.

She was small compared to him. The wings were a giveaway as to his real nature but, she was surprised to find that he appeared fairly modern otherwise. He was dressed in modern fashions. Dark blue jeans, a modified t-shirt stretched over his muscular chest, and there was a leather duster on the foot of the bed that wasn’t part of her wardrobe. She didn’t look down but she could hear the clunking of boots as he crossed the wooden floor to stand closer to her. He towered over her and she looked up to see crystal blue eyes. Somehow they seemed familiar to her but, she couldn’t place them. His blond hair was a modern shag that didn’t reach his shoulders but, it framed his face and with the stubble of a day old shave, his cheekbones and chin were more defined.

“You need to remember all of it,” he said and bent down beside her, picking up the journal she had dropped.

“Remember what?”


She shook her head, “I don’t understand.”

“What you’re seeing isn’t just a vision. You need to remember,” he clarified and handed the small book back to her.

“And just how do you know what I saw?” she asked with a certain amount of indignation in her tone that amused him.

She watched the feathers ruffle and shimmer as he suppressed a chuckle. His eyes said that he knew more than he was willing to share with her at this point. She could have argued that he had read her meditation journal but, somehow she didn’t think that was the case.

“Gwen, we could be here all day with your questions. Your inquisitive nature is what landed you in this position in the first place. I know because I was there. And I know you have to be seeing it because you’re running out of time.”

“You were in my vision?” she asked.

“Gwen these aren’t just figments of your imagination. These visions, as you call them, are a glimpse into things that you’ve seen. Memories of a time that was and will come again. You need to prepare and you don’t have time to keep reliving it this way without putting two and two together. So, He sent me to try and make you see the connections.”

Gwen considered the possibility that she was going mad for a moment. Maybe she had been working too hard and he was just part of some delusion. It wouldn’t be the first time that she’d been accused of her imagination running away from her. In fact, when she was a teenager, people used to tell her she had her head in the clouds often. Yet, even as she stood there attempting to rationalize what was unfolding before her, she couldn’t help but realize that the idea of memories wasn’t so easy to dismiss. She was an authority on pagan traditions and reincarnation was a cornerstone of much of her teachings. Yet, she was taken aback by the idea that she was among these beings.

“That’s impossible,” she whispered.

He reached out, laying a hand on her shoulder, “No it isn’t and you know that.”


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