One of the things that I love is reading blogs that give me a little window into the real-life world of authors. Somehow it makes them more real and validates the struggles that I am going through in trying to build my own writing career. It allows me to realize that it is okay to be human, to have a life outside of just pounding at the keys and driving around for my day job. It encourages me to live life and not just work all the time. Xk32hbc

I’ve come to realize that maintaining a blog on one particular topic is simply not going to work for me. While I am passionate about getting healthier and ultimately changing my lifestyle, it is not the whole of who I am. I am a writer and I could post about writing but, those blogs are so many on the web and I don’t consider myself enough of an expert to give any sort of continuing advice on the subject. I will talk about it on occasion and give some window into projects and the way it all works for me. Like healthy living though, that is largely based on my individual experience and is subject to opinions changing as I learn through this process.

I’ve never wanted this to be the typical lifestyle blog. Fashion isn’t really my thing. I can’t do make-up or hair tutorials. And for me to give relationship advice would be far too funny to even consider. I’m not a follower of many television programs. There is no particular fandom that I am a part of. I’m not a scholar and so I can’t give academic advice beyond, do your best whatever you do.

What I can do is share my own journey. Give you a window into the life of a single woman trying to find herself and build a creative career. I can tell you what I like, what I don’t, and what I think about any number of topics. I can share my triumphs and my failures. I can let you see the goals that I set for myself. I can share stories about my life, my family, and all the friends that I’ve made along the way.

Doing this I hope to build a following that would share my journey with me. Some of you may only follow the blog. Some of you might just buy a book or two.  Others may become die hard fans. I’m sure that some of you will write to me and ask advice. You’re certainly welcome to. I welcome those emails and will do my best to answer them as I get them. This blog is my way of reaching out to readers. It is an avenue to let people know where I will be if they would like to meet me in person. It is a way to let you get a sneak peek at the work I do. It is also a way for me to keep track of what I’ve done and what I hope to accomplish.