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My day job sent me on a journey and a half including my first trip in an airplane, visiting two new states, and keeping me from doing any writing for a month. So, all of my plans to release my second book went on hold. And trying to stay on a diet when working 16 hours a day, tethered to a phone was just impossible for me.

I’m human. What else can I say?

Yes! This was the view from one of the vehicles I drove while in Wisconsin.

Yes! This was the view from one of the vehicles I drove while in Wisconsin.

What I can tell you is that I’ve never been so happy to be back home in Texas. My time in Wisconsin was a lesson in how much I don’t like harsh cold weather. It was frequently -22° F when I would be going back to the hotel. There was more snow than I’ve ever seen in my life when I arrived and then there were days it snowed even more. For the most part, the people in Wisconsin were friendly and welcoming. But, all things done, I was ready to go home when I did. And I came back with some memories and plenty of tidbits from the trip to add to my smash book.

It is time to buckle down again though. My health, the weight loss journey, my writing all need to be my focus. Truthfully, the experience was enough to put the importance of that into perspective for me. There is nothing that I would rather call my career. But to make that a reality I have to get focused and make it a priority. So, after some much needed time to rest and regroup, I have been in “the zone” editing.  Prepping this book to go to press.

Today I got back on track with the healthy eating. Hopefully, I’m able to drop the weight I gained while in Wisconsin pretty quickly. I’d like to be back on track and able to focus on preparing for a 5K Color Run in August. I missed the one here this month because I was out of town but, that’s still on my list of personal fitness goals for this year. August is my next opportunity and I fully intend to go the distance with it.

The good thing is that all this focus on what I want and need for the last few months has had a major impact. I feel more like myself than I have felt in nearly a decade. Not in the sense that I am the same as I was in college but, I have my old sense of confidence and direction back. I am able to see some change though. I feel like I am worth more than I’ve accepted in a good long time. To that end, I think it is important for me to focus on what I need and want for a while.

I realized just how much I’ve missed traveling and getting around to seeing new things. So, I’m going to try and have more adventures that I can talk about here. This blog is, after all, about my life.  As such, I want to talk about all the fun things that I have going on. Like time with my pup, trips to the Renaissance Faire, writer’s groups, book signings, and maybe even trips antiquing or going to other local festivals. There is a lot to see and do right in my own back yard after all.