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2014 has been a rough start. If you’ve been following at all, you’ll know that my health hasn’t been the best since the start of the year. It hasn’t been anything terminal, though that flu is definitely scary enough considering it killed several here. There were definitely other ways I wanted to kick off this year of focus on my own wellness. I guess God had plans to put things into perspective for me though. I realized that I am not invincible and it is time to pick up the pace on the fitness goals.

970660_536943969702967_1571047460_nYes, I am back to training now. It is slow going but, it is happening. I’m sticking to indoors with the Walk Away the Pounds video for right now. The weather here has been unpredictable and we’re expecting some serious winter weather this week. I don’t need to relapse so, I’m going to stick to inside.

Honestly, the more that I think about it, the more I realize I need to invest in a gym membership. Most of my excuses are weather related. Here in Texas we get very little by way of optimal weather and temperatures for working out outside. So, going to the gym would eliminate that. I would be able to train while not worrying about the temperature outside or whether it was raining or not. It also would give me something to do to get out of the house more often. So, I’m going to start working toward that for myself.

I am very excited for the next few weeks of activities. Honestly, it feels good to be getting back into some sort of social groove. I’ve been out of it for far too long. So getting out, meeting new people, making new friends is really exciting for me. I think it is very good for healing at this point in my life.

Tomorrow I am attending a writers group meeting. Its the first one for me in about a year. Somehow, attending one always got put on the back burner but, no more of that. Then on the 10th of February, I have my first official book signing. I got my first shipment of my book in last week along with my first set of business cards. I’m really stoked about that. I’ve made up a lot of marketing material to hand out even if I don’t sell out of the meager copies that I will have on hand for the event. My theory is, it is a start and we all have to start somewhere.

I found out about a couple of events in Jefferson, Texas that I want to attend. The main one being a reenactment of a Civil War battle and a murder trial from that era. That happens in May. In April there is a paranormal conference happening in Tyler.  March, of course, is my 5K. But, I am debating on what to do for Valentine’s Day.


This year is going to be awkward for me. It will be the first one in many years that I’ve been single on the holiday. I’m thinking of taking myself on a date but, I think that may just end up being defeating since I would be forced to see all the couples out doing their thing. I thought about inviting one of my buddies to go out with me. I think that might be misleading though. So, I’m thinking I might just pamper myself with a little mani-pedi action and stay home with a movie. I may end up having to work though. That would be okay with me. It would definitely help me to keep my mind off things.

I am hoping that all goes well with the book signing. I am at work on editing the next book and will be presenting it soon. In the meantime, I’m just ambling by in life and hoping for the best.

If you haven’t checked out my fiction work, I absolutely encourage you to do so. It is available in print and for kindle over on Amazon. The released title is The Secret of the Storm .