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Recovering from the flu is not as easy as it sounds. Like it, or not, life doesn’t just stop when you get sick. Sure, you can take a little time off from work but, ultimately you have to go back before you’re ready and somehow have to find your feet and the energy to just go through the paces.

944e903479c324fa_Self_Motivation.xxlargeI didn’t even write much when I was off sick. Seriously, I spent the majority of my time asleep, coughing my lungs up until my head hurt, or pecking about at games on facebook that required little to no effort on my part to think about what to do. For me to do anything important was just out of the question since I felt halfway delirious through most of the time I was off. I basically rarely came out of my corner in the living room. But, work started to call to see if I was up to working and I realized that I wasn’t going to make any money sitting at the house like I was. So it was time to pick myself up and start trying to get back to normal.

I’m still not 100%. I think that’s still a ways off actually. I can’t do a whole lot by way of physical activity yet. Walking short distances makes me winded right now. That’s primarily due to the congestion that I’m battling still. But, it is getting better day by day. I’ve worked some crazy hours this week at the day job. In fact, I’ve pretty much exhausted my hours of service for the week; meaning that they can’t work me anymore until Wednesday. I did however get some overtime which is good. At least I was able to play catch up somewhat in the wages department.

I have some exciting news to announce once I confirm things tomorrow. But suffice it to say that it appears that I’ll be making my first official appearance as an author to do a book signing event. I am so excited about that. I’ll post all the details as soon as I have them available. This will be promoting my first book The Secret of the Storm though. I’ll be planning a release event for The Fallen as soon as it is ready to go. Being ill has been a major set back. But I’m getting back up to full steam, even if I’m not entirely there yet.

419149_427914573910922_1192315579_nMy big disappointment is realizing that with this illness, I might not be able to train enough to be ready for the March Color Up 5K. I really wanted to do this too. But I want to be able to complete the race as well. I can’t see a point in paying out the race fees if I can’t complete the distance. And right now, I don’t think I can. As soon as I feel like I can get a good start on training I’ll be able to gauge better on the timing but, it means that I’ll likely be getting my race fees in last minute.

Now for some people this would be the point where they would throw in the towel and ask, “What’s the point?” Not so long ago I would have done just that. I was quick to just give up when things didn’t go just how I planned them or I got the least bit discouraged. But, there is a big difference in where I was and where I am now. This isn’t about a quick fix or losing a set amount of weight for me. This is all about making a different lifestyle for myself. I am in the process of reinventing nearly every aspect of my life. This is about being healthier all around for me, not just speaking in a physical sense either. This is truly a holistic change for me.

I’m learning more about myself than I could have possibly known. I’m realizing that I can say no to things that aren’t right for me without feeling guilty about it. I’m figuring out that if I don’t look out for my needs, then no one else will either. I have a long journey ahead of me but, I think that I’m going to try and take the time to enjoy it and see where I end up this time instead of trying to force things that aren’t in my control to begin with. There is only so much that I can change. Ultimately that change has to be for myself and not to please anyone else. That has truly been the lesson of the last couple years.

Whether or not I get to hit the course with the other runners in March is irrelevant really. There will be another race later in the year that I can participate in. Whenever it happens, I will do a 5K this year. And I will meet other goals along the way as well. Losing pounds is just a byproduct of all of the change and living my life to be happier and more active in my participation in life. I will do a race just like I will take a trip or two during the year and get my butt to the gym more.

This is all a matter of perspective. This year is about changing my perspective. Though, it got off to a rough start in the health department, I didn’t die from having H1N1 and that’s a good thing. And I’m finally able to start getting back to my goals for the year. So expect more posts and some minor changes to the blog as we go along.

If you’re so inclined, drop me a comment and tell me how your first few weeks of the year have gone. Have you held to any of your own resolutions?