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So, I have few things on my Christmas wishlist this year. The interesting thing for me is that most of them are related to wanting my healthy lifestyle to solidify more than it is. Its not a huge secret but, I’ve been through a lot of change. After years of not having what I needed or wanted to help me on my way to a healthier lifestyle, I am looking forward to having those things in my control again.

There are a few things I want to make this more fun and easy.


FitBit Force $129.00: This little wristband does so much that would make setting and sticking to my goals. Not only does it act as a pedometer but it also tracks sleep patterns, stairs climbed, and even works as a personal alarm.

This is one of the things at the top of my list this year. Unlike bulky or awkward pedometers this one is sleek, sophisticated, chock full of technology and support, not to mention that it is actually quite stylish and easy to wear. The tracking tools work well with Sparkpeople as well which would help tremendously.



zumbaZumba Exhilarate $59.95: High energy fun dance party workout is just what the doctor ordered. Something big on motivation, fun, and that can lead to some serious party time. Count me in!

Zumba is something that I’ve wanted to learn to do for more than a year. It appeals to me for a number of reasons. One, I love music and anything that gets me wanting to dance is a good thing. I’ve always had a love of things tropical including Latin flavor music (and Jimmy Buffett’s light island sound. So it would make sense that Zumba would be a little way for me to inject some of that into my life here in Texas.

On top of those two major items I also have things like a good pair of shoes, new workout clothes, and of course a new water bottle for when I go walk or to take to work when I get things sorted out.

images (2)I am still working toward the Color Up 5K in Tyler in March. So, I still want to get the gym membership at Anytime Fitness sometime early in the coming year. Having somewhere to go in order to workout is somewhat of a motivating thing. Not to mention I would like to find a workout partner locally so, maybe that would be a good way to meet some new people who would fit into my new lifestyle as well.

Why Anytime Fitness? Well, location for one. There is a location in Gladewater and in Gilmer. Not to mention there are locations in Longview and Tyler which is most likely where I will end up for work. Add to that the fact that they offer 24 hour access to their members and I think we have a winner. I doubt that it will be as awesome as my previous gym but it will accomplish the goals that I have for myself.

So what is on your Christmas list? Is there anything health and fitness related?