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I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out where to start this journey and how to make the most of it. Then there was the whole process of deciding how best to record it and put it into this blog for people to read. I feel like that is an important step in this process for me but also for others. It creates a sort of accountability for myself and might actually inspire someone else to start their own journey.1236439_708784392470478_901958541_n

So, after a month of trying to sort through it all. I have come to some realizations.

1. I’ve got to get a handle on how much water I drink. (One of my biggest addictions is soda.)

2. Activity levels need to increase. (I’m motivated now and I’ll share why in just a minute.)

3. I have to find ways to do all of this on a major budget. Let me just tell you that eating healthy on such a small budget and feeding a family of 3 is not, in the least bit, easy to do.

4. I have to start doing more to take care of myself. Not just in terms of working out and eating right either. I need to take care of myself from an emotional and spiritual stand point as well.

Everything starts with good intentions. We make the obligatory New Year’s Resolution and then fall short in February. Then we just give up while we sit and wonder; what’s the point? Well, I’m starting my resolution early this year.

1231681_506276169449647_1494941339_nLast year, when everything came crashing down around my head, I was made aware of a 5K run called The Color Run. I was excited about it but quickly realized that traveling to Dallas or Amarillo to take part was just not feasible. So, then about a week ago, I came across a listing for the Color Up 5K. And I got super excited all over again. You see, because of the enthusiasm I had for The Color Run, I had put running a 5K on my bucket list of goals. It was something that I wanted to do this year along with taking a cruise and finishing another novel. So, even though, I might be a little late in getting around to seriously training and doing it, I found one close enough with the elements I thought would make it a fun experience.

1377491_525825590828038_829748283_nOf course, I talked with my fiance about it. Training through the winter would be rather difficult with the weather here. Especially since I think we’re in for a wet winter. So we’ve talked seriously about me getting gym membership that would help me not only train properly but, allow me some time to myself on a daily basis. It would also allow me to do classes like Zumba and Yoga. And that excites me as well. So, I’m hoping to use this blog as a platform to raise some money to help offset the costs of that for us. You’ll notice the “Donation Space” over to your right, I’m sure.

We’re talking about doing the race as a family. My 7 year old wants to run it with me. To be honest, I don’t blame her. It looks like so much messy fun. If I can raise enough here, we’ll do so. And I hope that we can make it a tradition to do one a year and race for a cause of our choosing.

I’ve never done a 5K. I’ve never been a runner period. So, this training is going to be a task an a half. I have about 4 months to prepare and will be tracking my progress and letting you all know how it is going. I hope to be able to review a few things as I go along but, let’s be honest, we’re a one-income family and in order to try out anything I’d have to raise the funds to get it. And I would love to be able to do some give-a-ways as well.

I will be heading out on Wednesday night to do a weigh in. Getting some before pics to post and then the countdown to race day will start.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.