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My apologies to you readers. As I started to work on this blog, our internet service was cut off due to a snafu with our service provider. We’ve since rectified the problem and I can resume normal posting. That information aside, I still wanted to share with you a new resource that I’ve found.

Last week, I posted the Health Sheets so that you could all track along with me. And I talked about the fact that when you’re as heavy as I am, it is difficult to find a way to track the pounds lost without spending a fortune on a heavy-duty home scale or going to the doctor’s office every week. Let’s face reality here. I’m on a strict budget being a stay at home mom who homeschools. So I don’t have the money or the time to be visiting my doctor every week for a weigh-in. And since my doctor’s scale won’t even weigh me, that’s a moot point anyway. But I did find a resource.

My fiance works nights at Walmart. We usually do our shopping late at night or, I go on my own on his day off. Anyway in the pharmacy, they have this station. It used to be just a blood pressure monitoring station but, they’ve changed it to a “SoloHealth Station” instead which does a more comprehensive battery of general testing including a scale.

When we were in there a week ago, I decided I’d give it a shot. I really didn’t think it would take a measurement. I was waiting for the red screen to say that I’d broken it, or to “please see the attendant”. Yes, I think about the embarrassment associated with these things. But, it didn’t say anything like that. In fact, it actually did weigh me and now, I have a starting point for my efforts going forward. Keep in mind that I was at nearly 500 pounds at one point not so long ago. My weight now is at 382 pounds. So I can start to see some fruit for my effort now, I’m sure.

The way I figure it, based on what doctors have told me, is that I’ve lost at least 100 pounds thus far. Granted, I still have a long way to go before I am able to reach a weight considered healthy. Truthfully, I don’t know that I will ever be what is considered a healthy weight for my height. And that will be okay. But, I would like to get down under 250 lbs.

That is going to take a lot of work on my part, but, I’m ready to do it. I’ve even started a workout routine here at home. More on that in a later post. I want to do a proper review of the video I’m trying. I will say that I am thinking of adding a yoga routine to my day as well. I realize I need to gain my flexibility again. So I see lots of stretching in my near future.

That being said, dear readers, I will return you to a more structured post tomorrow. I just wanted to pass along the apology and the information as I get things going here again.