A blog about life as a plus-sized woman who is trying to get more health-conscious.  There are many people like me in the world. But, I want to share this journey with others so that it may comfort, inspire, and generally help others who might be embarking on their own journey to being healthy, happy in the skin they’re in, and living life to the fullest.

So who am I and why am I the right person to write this blog?

Well, I’m many things to many people. I am a mom, a step-mom, a writer, a do-it-yourselfer, a Christian, a best friend, an aunt, a daughter, a cook, a housekeeper, a tea drinker, coffee enthusiast, and an artist. I am also a homeschooling mother who tries to live frugally. I’m goofy and often just a big dork. I love history and love all things Victorian while having an interest in the steampunk movement.

I am a woman who, a year ago, was in a toxic relationship. Honestly, I didn’t realize how abused I was until I got out.  By the time I got out, I had ballooned to over 500 pounds and was unable to even recognize the person I had become both physically and emotionally. I had to pick myself up, figure out who I was again, and move on with my life. And in all of this, I learned that I loved the person I really was and that there were others who truly loved me as well. I stopped worrying about the scale and I started living my life and enjoying all the little things that happen to me.

I’m engaged to an amazing man now and lead a busy and fulfilling life.  I certainly want to share that with the world. Beyond that I also want to share with others who may be on the same journey my own experiences with products and services that are relevant to them and their life. Things that claim to make life easier, help you lose weight, get healthy, and that may even be fun.

You’ll get a lot of information on here. You’ll get reviews of products and books, of course. You’ll hear about family adventures and how we manage our home to make it the best environment possible for our daughter. You’ll also hear about parenting and home school adventures with the munchkin. You’ll hear some about my fiction when something new comes out or I have some sort of promotion going on (though, this won’t be a writing blog).  You’ll get snippets about things that I find fascinating or amusing. And it will be an insider’s look at what getting healthy at a larger size means and entails.  You might even get a faith and spirituality related post on occasion. Not the preachy kind but the “here’s my story” kind.

I’ll do my best to keep posts in categories so that you can find them easily enough.

You can bookmark my site. Or you can follow me and subscribe by email.

I also have set up a facebook page for the blog to allow me to post snippets and photos for you to see.

I want this blog and the facebook page to be a positive place for people to go. We all have our own paths to walk. I’m not here to judge anyone on their own journey. This isn’t about that. It is about offering hope that there is life beyond the numbers on the scale or the size you wear. It is also about letting people know that there is life after a failed marriage, bad relationship, and general failures in life.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I know I’m going to enjoy chronicling all the many adventures, happy moments, and reflections from this life. And I hope that it will inspire others to take their life in hand and start living for the best them that they can be as well. Everyone deserves to be happy no matter what shape or size they are.